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nice long/wide rwy (14/32)

Several planes in/out the day we visited, but good comms.

Rwy 14/32 has at least one taxiway bypass (south side) which helped us since we were taxiing from while another plane was taxiing to the rwy.

Two windsocks disagreed when we were leaving: one indicated rwy 21, the other indicated rwy 14 (unless the wind changed between when we started our taxi and when we got closer). It's pretty close to the coast so not unlikely winds shifted.

$20 landing fee is waived with a minimum fuel purchase (not sure how much). Trainer aircraft land with no fee but not sure if that still applies if you visit the FBO and/or park.

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nestled in the valley

great location but keep an eye on the surrounding hills

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quiet, well kept runway

easy to find

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helpful ATC (fast talkers)

This was my first x-country solo. I made it within 15 nm and took a weird turn to the SW for some reason. Unsure of the area and no familiar landmarks/waypoints. ATC got me back on track. :)

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lunch at the cafe was great!

friendly cafe, lots of aircraft activity for an older, out-of-the-way place

steep approach on rwy 25 to avoid the trees

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friendly and welcoming for GA traffic

night landing, no problem

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another gem with long, wide, well-kept runways

great cafe (closes at 2pm)

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long, wide, well maintained runways

quiet GA field, lots of improvements underway; beautiful area

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agreed, GA friendly!

first contact @ 20nm ("Atlantic City Approach, [my tail number]") they offered a squawk code then asked for more info; very efficient and welcoming

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Stayed at a Hilton Home2 property (free shuttle + free laundry + free breakfast: which is next to Stockman's, a really great restaurant:

Would go back just for the eats!