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It is an AOE but you need to obtain an Overflight Permission to use it as an AOE

Took us about 20 minutes to clear custom

Very friendly

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Beautiful Facility and Quick Service

The FBO was fast and efficient

Good Fuel prices and great pilot lounge

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Great hospitality

Recently visited for fuel and overnight stop

Very helpful and great service

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Beutiful New Airport BUT

Not maned no office no bathroom beware

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Great AIrport

Quick fuel turnaround

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Excellent Facility

The cheapest gas for over 15 years is right here

Great facility with courtesy car

Too bad the don't wear masks

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Nice airport Great Service

TAS is the FBO

Great facility

Very accommodating with crew car and great repair facility

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Great FBO

Spent 4 days visiting area.

No charge for tiedown

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(no subject)

Large facility - helpful FBO

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Spent 4 days here very nice and somewhat helpful

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Cheap Fuel

unmanned but good FBO

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Excellent AIrport

Lots of choices for FBO/s

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Excellent Experience

Great maintenance facility

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Great airport - Fantastic Service

I had to stay unexpectedly here waiting out thunderstorms

Great people

Very helpful and CHEAP fuel

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Well maintained Friendly

Spent a few days in the area. No tiedown fee with fuel purchase

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Beautiful well kept airport

Hangar avialable

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Great Facility

Good fuel prices and free courtesy car

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Nice facility

Cheap fuel prices

Lousy fuel payment kiosk

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Nice facility

I recently landed at Dwight with my C340.

I was very surprised at the high terrain and trees at the approach end of 27 and 02.

The grass is not smooth but tufts of grass separated by dirt. Still very safe but noisy .

Be careful at the approach END of 27 as it is sandy and soft. I got stuck but very helpful workers towed me out.

Beautiful countryside and very cooperative enterprise Car Rental in Huntsville.

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Excellent fuel price

This is a typical country airport with great service

Be careful of the adjacent airspace

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Wonderful country. Airport with cheap fuel and now an AOE.

They roll out the red carpet

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Great well maintained

Nice terminal and easy fuel

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Great Airport and Incredible Maintenance Facity

Had to minor issues and they helped out immediately

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Don't ever stop here for fuel

Locked and unable to contact anyone by phone for help

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Wonderful little airport and great repair facility

Jerry Parker is a wonderful person and a great mechanic

Thanks for the emergency help

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Nice New airport

Alot of walking to file

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This is a private Ag field

Very nice and helpful people

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Easy in and out

Great fuel prices although advertised as self service lineboy helped us

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Great Aviation Museum

Excellent pilot lounge

Great rental car service

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Wonderful Airport

Very helpful airport manager

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Very Nice Airport and Owner

Visited this airport earlier this fall.

Very convenient to downtown and very helpful owner

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Great Airport

Easy to use and easy access to downtown Montreal

Pascan was a very reasonably priced FBO

Helpful and cooperative !!

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Expensive AOE

Montreal area airports are a real rip off for the Ramp fees for a brief stop to satisfy Canadian customs

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Great Airport for clearing customs

Very nice facility. Very easy to clear customs. Nce pilot loung and very reasonable priced fuel

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Great Country Airport

Very close to downtown Durango

Very nice people helped me out with major mechanical issue.

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Not been here yet !!

Tried to plan a flight here but had to do lots of homework just to find out the the runway was closed for maintenance

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Good Facility

No Services available

Had to wait for stupid security issue just to get into Comandante's office to file a flight paln.

Easy access to the city

Pleanty of car rentals avaiable

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Excellent facility

Just opened a general aviation terminal

Good service

Usual Mexican paper work shuffle

Lots of walking no signs !!!

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Nice Facility

Easy entry

no tie downs

plenty of parking

Good controller

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Large Runways

Long runways and tower with NO traffic.

Very helpful people on the ground

Easy in and out

Long way to ruins but worth it !!

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Beautiful New AIrport

Great new runway and terminal NO 100LL

Alot of walking to file a flight plan

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Airport Phone Numbers

Tower = 011 52 985-851-0416

Airport = 011 52 985-851-0409

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Wonderful airport BUT

Runway in good but WAVY condition

Everything else is great including reasonable priced fuel

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Great airport

Spent a few days visiting Marfa

Called the towns visitor center that provided transportation into town

Good FBO facility and runway in good conditions. Even have an instrument approach !!!

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Great Service

This is a real gem of an airport especially if visiting downtown Memphis

Great fuel prices although priced as self service ..they do the work.

Excellent repair facility and very fair prices

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Great Self Service Prices

First time that I arrived to buy gas that the price was LESS than advertised.

Great facility, nice lunch restaurant.

Easy quick turn.

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Great Service

Landmark Aviation has a very well trained courteous and efficient staff

Rented a car from Hertz on premises. They had car brought right to plane minutes after we shut down !!

That is what I call service !!!

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Excellent Airport BUT

The security system is a pain the butt.

You can not go through security with passengers unless you have a stamped flight plan and it is a LONG walk for the security gate the the COmandante's office.

Good restaurant and helpful avionics and maintenance people on the field.

Reasonable landing fees and parking.

Easy access to fuel but some personel have an attitude and are always on Mexican Time.

Nice golf course nearby !!

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Very Convienent to Downtown Picton Ontario

Reasonable well kept airport with NO amenities.

Wide WWII runways in OK shape.

Be carefula sthe oftem close runways for local car and other events.

Be sure to talk to Kingston Traffic for updated info

Have been here many times

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Wonderful Full Service facility

Stopped here for lunch with a friend

No charge for landing or parking !!!!

Excellent controllers

Esy in and out

Great flight planning facility at FBO