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re: Manhattan and Hudson River Corridor Access

Reply to @david: Thanks for the input. Speaking of the port authority, I got a bill for $17 several weeks after visiting. I have no idea why, didn't think there were any other use fees except what the FBO was going to charge.

btw, I love this site, so simple, straight-forward, and has been a great resource for creating a large wall map I now keep in my home.

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One of the best "$100 Burger" places

This is usually first on my list of places to go when I need an excuse to fly and am looking for lunch. Always have different lunch specials, and always great!

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Manhattan and Hudson River Corridor Access

Landed here to take a couple people residing in Manhattan on a Hudson River flight. First Aviation treated me well, and with the purchase of 20 gallons of fuel, waived the ramp fee. Looked kinda silly parking a C-152 next to all the executive jets, but they gave me first rate service and parking regardless.

Cab ride to Manhattan is exorbitant, need to find a better way!

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Excellent fuel stop

Nice little airport with self serve fuel.

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My Stomping Grounds

Got my PPL in Manassas (under the original ADIZ) but I call HWY (formerly w66) my homebase. Great little airport.... all it needs is self serve fuel.