Vilar de Luz Airfield

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Public airfield near the city of Porto, and the airfield of choice for recreational flyers in the area. The airfield also houses the Porto Air Club, as well as the only flight school in the north of the country: Nortรกvia.

The runway currently has a long displaced threshold for runway 17, with the initial part of the pavement now being crossed by a municipal road.

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Free of taxes

No landing taxes to pay. 100LL available and a Cessna maintenance

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re: Frequency

Thanks for the information -- I've entered it in the "Pilot Info" tab.

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THere is a local frequency for this airport 122,40. The runway is 17/34. It is 1.800m long. Although you can use all of it, officialy both threshold are displaced but you still have 800m.

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