Cobb County-Mc Collum Field

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Nice place to fly near Atlanta

I did my primary training at RYY and then rented for a while until I moved. I liked the size of the airport and the fact that it has a tower, but is small enough that they have plenty of time to talk to you and the jets are never really in the way. Easy to fly in and out of, and the Atlanta Bravo is well above the airport. Haven't flown there as a visitor from another state, so I can't vouch for the FBO, but I really liked Superior Flight School when I was there.

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Where I caught the flying bug

I was leaving in nearby Marietta at the time and this is where I took my first flying lessons back in 2000 in a C152. Nothing memorable about the place itself though.

I moved to Australia by the end of the same year, and didn't resume flying lessons until 2005.

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